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Where we stand

As many from our community come from migrant backgrounds and are all too familiar with histories of persecution and fleeing, the rights of refugees to live in safety is something we are passionate about.  Australia has an abhorrent track record of treatment of asylum seekers, for which it has been internationally condemned. We demand a fair, just and compassionate response to refugees seeking asylum.

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Pesach 2019, AJDS held a Seder for freedom at Border Force.

“The festival of Passover celebrates freedom and liberation. We are here today honouring a millennia long tradition which bounds us to history, culture, ritual and lore. Today we have brought our Seder table and Haggadot to Border Force. To the very offices responsible for the cruel treatment of asylum seekers whos’ only crime was to seek safety in Australia.”


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Pesach Seder for Freedom 5779

This year (2019/5779) the Australian Jewish Democratic Society hosted a community Pesach Seder outside the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. The Pesach Seder for

The tradition of Palm Sunday rallies

By Yael Winikoff. Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter, celebrates Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  It has come to be traditionally viewed as a time to