Orly Noy: An Iranian Israeli response to Zionism

Orly is touring Melbourne & Sydney with the Australian Jewish Democratic Society from the 5th-17th of July 2019.


Orly Noy: An Iranian Israeli Response to Zionism

Wednesday, July 10, 6:30pm, State Library of Victoria

From Australia to Israel/ Palestine- Transnational solidarity against the intersections of colonialism and racism

Saturday, 6th July, 2:00pm, Flagstaff gardens bowling club

An intimate evening conversation- Orly Noy & Noura Mansour

Monday, 8th July, 7:30pm Moroccan Soup Bar Two Go


AJDS is excited and honoured to host Orly Noy in Australia in July.  Orly is one of the most insightful and nuanced thinkers in Israeli politics, journalism and activism today.

Born in Iran, she engages with Israeli politics and culture through her identity as a Mizrahi (Jews from Arab/Middle Eastern countries) woman, delving into complex issues of identity, history, colonialism, the marginalisation of Mizrahi Jews and the limitations of zionism.

Orly is an editor at Local Call, a member of B’Tselem’s executive board and an activist with the Balad political party.  She has previously been active with the Coalition of Women for Peace and the Mizrahi Democratic Rainbow. She is also a translator of poetry from Farsi to Hebrew.

I dream of building, if not a whole bookcase, then at least a modest shelf of Persian books in Hebrew as a political act in the struggle against the marginalization of Mizrahi culture in Israeli discourse.”

Through her journalism she holds up a mirror to Israeli society, and through her activism she articulates a staunch and passionate position on justice in Israel/Palestine, offering us hope and inviting us to engage critically.

“The occupation is not an internal Israeli matter, and the international community is not merely entitled to know what is happening and to intervene — it has to.”

Orly Noy in conversation with Sara Saleh

Sunday, 14th July, 2:00 Redfern Town Hall

Coloniality, Race and Settler Resistance in Occupied Palestine: A conversation with Orly Noy

Friday, 12th July, 2:00 – 4:00 Sydney University

Conversations about Israel session: Mizrahim and zionism.

“The petitioners seek to anchor Mizrahi identity in its deepest sense by demanding our cultural and historical rights, while using all legal, academic, and moral tools to reject any attempt to isolate Mizrahi Jews from our natural environment “
“The occupation is not an internal Israeli matter, and the international community is not merely entitled to know what is happening and to intervene — it has to.”
“It is here we can see the essence of contemporary Israeli Zionism in its purest form. Originally intended to create a safe haven for Jews who were persecuted for being Jewish, the Zionist project has instead turned into an enterprise of land theft and dispossession, the sole purpose of which is to remove the indigenous people from the land and to ‘Judaize’ it.”
“In the days before Rosh Hashana, days of introspection and forgiveness, I am reminded that by virtue of my identity as an Israeli citizen I am responsible for the disaster and tragedy befalling the people of Gaza. Introspection begins with opening one’s eyes and recognizing one’s sins, and only then trying to repair them. There is no more Jewish act than that.”

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