AJDS statement on recent UN resolution

Julie Bishop’s decision to side with the United States in voting against the UN SecurityCouncil Draft resolution on Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories is another missed opportunity for Australia to support both Israel and Palestine, and contribute to resolving the decades old conflict. Changing the dynamics of the festering conflict can only occur if the international community sees a role in […]

Statement on the new legislation regarding asylum seekers

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS), as a Jewish group particularly sensitive to the plight of those seeking protection, is appalled by the migration legislation that was passed overnight. The bill introduces new temporary visas and gives the Minister for Immigration new sweeping powers to control the fate of people who attempt to come to Australia […]

Statement on Gaza, 22 July 2014

As Jews and Israelis living outside Israel the AJDS recognises its responsibility to speak out against the ongoing violence in Gaza.As the ground offensive continues, and increasing numbers of civilians are being killed, the AJDS condemns the ongoing violence in Gaza and Israel.  At this time when more than 470 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed, […]

Statement on killings of Israeli young people

The AJDS deplores the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli young men and the terrible sadness for their families. We hope that the criminals are caught and punished. We must also not forget that Palestinians have been killed during Israeli operations, and that their families equally grieve with great sadness. In this period of great anger, […]

AJDS statement on the Government’s proposed amendments to the Migration Act

The AJDS is dismayed to learn of the Government’s proposed amendments to the Migration Act, which will reduce Australia’s responsibility to provide protection for people seeking asylum. These cruel and inhumane changes will inflict violence on people who have turned to us for protection. This represents the latest shocking failure by the Government to respect […]

Media Release: Response to statement by Attorney-General George Brandis

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society strongly opposes the statement made by Attorney-General George Brandis (6 June 2014) that: “the description of East Jerusalem as ‘Occupied East Jerusalem’ is a term freighted [sic] with pejorative implications, which is neither appropriate nor useful.” The status of East Jerusalem as Occupied Territory is not pejorative, but a simple […]