Jews For Refugees

By Bonnie Gelman and Sylvie Leber Jews for Refugees is a Jewish campaign group actively involved in trying to do something for refugees and asylum seekers. Jews For Refugees aims to challenge mandatory detention and offshore processing and build solidarity between Jews and asylum seekers. We: write letters to the media attend demonstrations and marches […]

Removing the Guernsey

By Veronica Sherman Not long ago I was asked to go into my daughter’s school to talk about Jewish Festivals. In order to give some context, I asked the class 3 children if they could find Israel on a globe for me. They searched and searched but no matter how much they tried they couldn’t […]

Being Jewish in Iran

By Linda Briskman During the summer of August 2014 I entered a Tehran store, where through the window I had observed the vendor wearing a kippah. Despite his minimal English and my imperfect Farsi, he warmed to me as a Jew visiting Iran. His wife was less convinced. She brought out a book of Hebrew […]

Befriend a Child in Detention

“It must end,” said Dr June Factor about the detention of children. Their plight was the motive behind a program started in order to connect with children and families in detention, give them hope, inform people about their deplorable fate and advocate for their release. AJDS co-founder, June Factor also founded Befriend a Child in […]

Don’t Buy Settlement Products campaign update

In Pesach (Passover) 2013 the AJDS launched the Don’t Buy Settlement Products campaign.  It was successful in garnering support and interaction from the general community and created waves within the broader Jewish community.  The JCCV (Jewish Community Council of Victoria), ZFA (Zionist Federation of Australia) and ZCV (Zionist Council of Victoria) all expressed their disapproval […]