Rosh Hashana Newsletter – Profiting From Refugee Pain

Since Kevin Rudd’s announcement of the so-called ‘Papua New Guinea solution’ to deter people seeking asylum by boat, I’ve had countless conversations (sometimes heated) with people from a wide range of the political spectrum. I noticed that many of these arguments are mostly committed to dissecting what the morally ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ thing is to do.

Rosh Hashana Newsletter – Refugees Choosing Life

I'm amazed. I'm amazed because I wrote an l article for Galus Australis in October, 2009 looking at the situation in South Africa by way of comparison to what happens to refugees in Australia. I thought I could update it significantly, in light of the current politics of boat refugees, but I find that it is still current as a way of contextualizing the problem in Australia.

June 2011 AJDS Newsletter is now out.

The June 2011 Newsletter is out now (see the last link below)! It includes reports on Naomi Chazan's visit, the ins and outs of BDS, including at statement to the June 2011 Plenum of the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, a report on Labor Refugee Policy, the controversy over the St Kilda Community House, income inequality in Australia, and much more!! Enjoy. Follow the link for this issue, and the archive.