March on World Refugee Day, June 19

The Refugee Advocacy Network is calling on all groups and individuals who support refugee rights to come together and send a clear message to the government: it’s time to end mandatory detention. The crisis in Australia’s detention system has reached a critical point. There are now almost 7,000 people locked in detention centres across the country. Increasing number have been incarcerated for long periods of time – months or even years. Asylum seekers and refugees in the camps are increasingly despairing and desperate.

Should the Left support the BDS campaign against Israel? Two leftists in hot debate.

Two activists line up to debate the merits of BDS: KIM BULLIMORE who has worked on the ground in Palestine with the Women’s International Peace Service since 2004 will be putting the case for the Global BDS. Israeli-born SOL SALBE, a campaigner for Palestinian human rights in this country for 42 years and a well-known member of AJDS will be putting case for a more selective, pinpointed approach.

The Renate Kamener Oration: Peter Singer

The Renate Kamener Oration: Peter Singer (Professor of Bioethics, Princeton University) “Living Ethically in a Divided World” 7.15 for 7.30pm, Sunday 11th July 2010 Leo Baeck Centre, 33 Harp Rd East Kew. $15 admission. Proceeds will go to the establishment of a scholarship for Indigenous students at the University of Melbourne. Additional donations welcomed.

Desconstructing the debate over antisemitism

The Hermeneutics of Antisemitism by Keith Kahn Harris

in the UK Jounal New Jewish Thought is well worth a read.


The title may sound obscure, but the analysis of the way that the debate over anitsemitism is played out is not.