AJDS Statement on the ongoing persecution of Rohingya people

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society stands with Rohingya people and demands an end to crimes against humanity. Recent weeks have seen the wholesale slaughter of Rohingya men, women and children in the streets, villages, and backblocks of the Rhakine state, Myanmar. There have been innumerable reports of rapes, with entire villages burned to the ground. […]

AJDS Statement about the AICE Israeli Film Festival 2017

The AICE (Australia-Israel Cultural Exchange) Israeli Film Festival this year is hosting Brigadier General Gal Hirsch as a special guest, where he will be introducing a documentary about his life as well as appearing at community events and visiting Jewish schools. AJDS is deeply concerned by this decision to foreground Hirsch, his story and his actions in […]

Don’t ignore the 2017 AICE Israeli Film Festival

By Sol Salbe. This year’s Israeli Film Festival in Australia deserves a lot more attention than in most years. But before saying anything I need to disclose that in 2013 I had a serious clash with the Israeli Film Festival organisers over the way in which the financial powers that be overruled the Israeli artist […]

Connecting the Shots: a new campaign from Sedq to map the global network of merchants of violence

Sedq – The Global Jewish Network for Justice, in which AJDS Executive Committee member, Dr. Jordy Silverstein, is an active member, has developed a new campaign. Connecting the Shots is based around a Facebook page, which explains:  “Across the world, military industries, both state and private companies, collaborate with each other and with national governments, selling arms, […]

Naser Shakhtour talks about the Palestinian Film Festival

I had the pleasure of speaking with Naser Shakhtour, founder and director of the Palestinian Film Festival (PFF), about his life and work. Naser described in subtle and illuminating terms the way in which his personal experience as a Palestinian in Australia compelled him to start collating movies from Palestine to screen around Australia in […]