Naser Shakhtour talks about the Palestinian Film Festival

I had the pleasure of speaking with Naser Shakhtour, founder and director of the Palestinian Film Festival (PFF), about his life and work. Naser described in subtle and illuminating terms the way in which his personal experience as a Palestinian in Australia compelled him to start collating movies from Palestine to screen around Australia in […]

My Visit to Palestine, April 2017: Photographs by Sylvie Leber

Sylvie Leber is an artist, an activist with Jews for Refugees, the Council of Single Mothers and Their Children, a single mother herself, and a long time social activist on countless other fronts. She became an activist when she was 15, attending her first protest in 1965 against Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Last […]

The 1967 Occupation and propositions for Palestinian statehood: extracts from a lecture by Dr. Micaela Sahhar

The following is a heavily redacted version of a lecture delivered by Dr. Micaela Sahhar at Monash University in April 2017 as a guest lecturer in a course titled ‘the Arab-Israeli Conflict’ coordinated by the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation. The lecture delved into key issues in our understanding of Israel/Palestine, the so-called conflict and […]

Laila El-Haddad, Excerpts from Gaza Mom (2013)

The following excerpts have been reproduced with permission from the author. They appeared in Gaza Mom (2012), a book based on the blog written by El-Hadddad since 2004. (Excerpts taken from pages 213, 219-20, 254-5) The Story of the Year Gaza City, Palestine, December 18 2006 The Middle East has made its fair share of headlines this […]

AJDS Statement on the 50th Year of the Occupation

As we reach the 50 year milestone of Occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, the AJDS is devastated by the realities of the ongoing military occupation of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. It is both painful and tragic because we believe it can end.  In presenting the historical […]