As Jews, we can at any time go to, and settle in Israel with support of the State.  This is not the case for Palestinians, who have increasingly had their freedoms and rights encroached upon and diminished. We therefore believe that it is our responsibility to speak out about the systemic injustices and brutal policies of occupation and militarisation in Israel.  The AJDS has a strong record of speaking out against the wars in Israel and towards a just and peaceful solution for both Israelis and Palestinians.

Fighting for equal human rights for both Israeli Jews and Palestinians has been a core principle of the AJDS since its inception. Through a shared belief in global and unconditional social justice, members of the AJDS can unite behind the following campaigns, statements and actions, despite holding a range of opinions regarding what’s best for the future of the Middle East, the relationship between diaspora Jewry and Israel, and the growing Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions movement. While we don’t have an official position for a solution, we believe that the policies of occupation in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza violate the human rights of Palestinians,  undermine the fragile state of democracy in Israel, and promote despair and violence.  This policy ultimately damages the possibility for long lasting justice, peace and safety for both Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

The AJDS also runs specific campaigns to stop trading with illegal settlements as well as to raise awareness around the activities of the Jewish National Fund.

In April 2017 the AJDS is proudly hosting acclaimed Gazan writer and chef Laila el-Haddad.


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