The Unternationale’s Australian tour (co-sponsored by J Waks Cultural Centre and Krystal Fund)

  • Venue:
  • Start:
    March 19, 2017 12:00 am
  • End:
    March 25, 2017 12:00 am

The Unternationale, a world renowned Left wing Jewish music duo will be touring Australia in March 2017, co-sponsored by J Waks Cultural Centre and Krystal Fund. They will be presenting several performances, including:

  • In One Voice Jewish Culture Street Festival – Sunday, 19 March
  • An Evening with Psoy Krolenko (in Russian) – Monday, 20 March, 7pm, 281 Hawthorn Rd. Caulfield. Join renowned scholar and musician Psoy Korolenko as he accompanies the Soviet silent film “Bed and Sofa” with his unique style of freestyle poetry and musical accompaniment.
  • Daniel Kahn and Psoy Korolenko and the Mir Kumen On Choir – Tuesday, 21 March, 8pm, 281 Hawthorn Rd. Cauflield. $10 entry charge, food and drinks available. Daniel and Psoy will take charge of choir rehearsal that evening. This evening is for our choir members and people interested in joining the choir. The Unternationale performance with Daniel and Psoy: together they bring traditions of Yiddish and Russian popular/urban folk song as well as theatre songs with elements of rap and free style poetry.
    Bookings essential.Image result for the unternationale
    For details go to .
    Only a few seats are left. Standing room available.
  • Open Studio in Northcote, 23 March, 204 High Street Northcote, 8pm. $10, tickets at the door. Food and drinks available. The Down Unternationale goes north over the border and entertains the other part of our community and opens new doors for Yiddish language and culture.
  • Multilingual Masterclass song writing and song smuggling, 25 March, 2-4.30pm, 281 Hawthorn Road Caulfield. $15 entry charge. Join world renowned musiocians and songwriters Daniel Kahn and Psoy Korolenko for an afternoon focusing on songwriting and poetry across languages and genres.
    An absolute must for any aspiring world music, Yiddish and Russian speaking performing artists.
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