Letter to Senator Bob Carr, Foreign Minister.

The AJDS has sent this letter to Senator Carr (attached)   The Hon. Senator Bob Carr Foreign Minister PO Box 6100 Senate Parliament House Canberra, ACT  2600 5th December 2012 Dear Senator Carr, Our organisation supports the compromise decision of the Australian government to abstain on the recent UN General Assembly vote to upgrade the […]

Rotten Liars, not Honest Reporting

The ‘Honest Reporting’ outfit, a well-resourced international organisation that engages in hasbarah is engaged in classic media distortion by selective quotation from Harold Zwier’s opinion piece in the Melbourne Age. It makes out that Zwier was saying precisely the opposite to what he was arguing.  This was no “blast back” at Leunig, but a critque […]

What are the implications of “non observer status” Palestine for progressives?

Larry Stillman There seem to be several lessons from the recent politics around this episode in the Australian public sphere. It has demonstrated that the so-called official leadership of the Australian Jewish Community (the “Lobby”) overplayed its hand in trying to influence foreign policy decisions with an undercurrent of murky political wheeling dealing that revolves […]

The “Non Observer State” of Palestine. An opinion.

Larry Stillman Harold Zwier While the Australian government abstained from voting for the proposed UN General Assembly resolution on the recognition of the “non-member observer state” of Palestine, the Australian government, which already accepts the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination,should vote in favour of recognition of the state in the future. Anyone with […]

From Kadimah: with prejudice?

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society is very disappointed that the “Kadimah” committee has cancelled the booking for our function with Aziz Abu Sarah, a Palestinian peace activist, entrepreneur and journalist, born and raised in Jerusalem.

Leila’s Story

by George Stein *Leila (name has been changed for job security) Leila was born in Al- Jiflik in 1962. Her family were refugees from 1948, originally from Al nfaat village, near Al khdarah which is located in the north of Palestine, around Haifa. Leila tells us, “I have never been to my family village, but […]

AJDS- differing viewpoints over Operation ““Pillar of Defense”

The AJDS Executive found itself with two different viewpoints over the current outbreak of violence between Israel and the Hamas Government in Gaza.  While there was much in common, there were different emphases. We felt that it was best to present the two points of view to the AJDS members and the public, even though […]

Is AJDS AWOL or are we just overwhelmed victims of social media?

Time for some self-criticism. In the ordinary course of things, one would have expected many opinions and articles from AJDS on its website in response to the current outbreak of violence between Israel and Hamas and we have been discussing a response, but are yet to produce. But as well, consider the need to respond […]

Gaza: End This Damned War Now

by MJ Rosenberg reposted from here Today I received an email inviting me to a rally to express solidarity with Israel signed by the major mainstream pro-Israel and Jewish organizations ranging from those on the extreme far right all the way to J Street. J Street! J Street is, of course, the organization that was established as […]