Two Israeli Peace Activists in Melbourne: AJDS Public Event

The AJDS is pleased to host two Israeli Peace Activists: one a ‘refusenik’ who was imprisoned for refusing her mandatory military service, the other a veteran of the Israeli Defence Forces. Community Event at: Caulfield Park Pavillion on Thursday 30 August at 7pm (location details here and there is plenty of parking).  $10/$5 These speakers […]

The Official Policy on Refugees

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry is a peak organisation of Jews in Australia. On some issues, the AJDS may have its differences, but its policy statement, adopted in 2010 is quite enlightened. It is a salutary reminder to Robert Magid, publisher and owner of the AJN that  even the political establishment thinks he is […]

Public comments on AJN owner/editor’s remarks about refugees.

  Mr Magid’s ill-considered remarks have engendered a very strong reaction.  Not only has the middle of the road/conservative Galusaustralis recorded a number of critical comments, but in the 130 or so signatures to the Open Letter received so far, some very strong, at times moving comments have been made for him to consider.  Please […]

Orthodox rabbi criticises AJN owner Robert Magid’s stance on refugees

  From Ralph Genende is rabbi of a traditional, orthodox congregation in the heart of the Jewish community in Melbourne. Thank goodness he has had the guts–the menschlichkeit to put Robert Magid, the owner of the Jewish News in his place over his comments on refugees in his sermon this week. This is from […]

A new low for the Australian Jewish News?

In an Olympic Week, one doesn’t like to see such records being set. The publisher of the  Australian Jewish News, Robert Magid, for reasons best known unto himself, has decided to engage in the vilification of refugees to Australia, particularly people who arrive by boats. H e says, in part “The Jews who fled the […]

A very interesting viewpoint in the Economist.

This is very reminiscent of the situation in Australia. “The prevailing political sentiment in Jewry today is of aggressive defensiveness, a curious amalgam of victimhood and intolerance. Dissent about Israel is discouraged and often gagged outright. Among British Jewry, some 300,000 strong, “a positively McCarthyite atmosphere has been created,” says Jonathan Freedland, a political columnist. […]