Response to AJDS from Bob Carr, Minister for Foreign Affairs

In response to a recent letter (see here)  to the Minister from the AJDS, the following response has been received and the text is below and the original attached. Senator the Hon Bob Carr Minister for Foreign Affairs, Canberra [9 Jan 2013] I refer to your letter of December 5, 2012, expressing support for AustraIia’s […]

AJDS AGM 2013 – February 24th

All members are invited to come to the AJDS Annual General Meeting 2013. See flyer here. The AGM will be held on Sunday, 24th February at 8 Yarraford Avenue, Fairfield. BBQ at 1 pm, AGM at 2.30 pm. Please bring your own meat and wine etc. All members must be financial to participate but may renew […]

The letter that the Australian Jewish News would not run.

This letter was submitted to the Australian Jewish News on January 21, 2013, ahead of a major fundraising drive by the Jewish National Fund. The editor has indicated that he will not publish it. Once again, the Australian Jewish community is being hindered from hearing other voices.

Tractor Confiscated Again

22/12/2012 by George Stein On Saturday morning, the army, police and Nature and Parks authority confronted Kher Al Din at his home in Jiftlik, the Jordan Valley. Kher is our neighbor and we were asked to come and witness what was happening and offer our support. About eight men, six of whom carried heavy weaponry, […]

Bir El Eid -South Hebron Hills

by George Stein Bir El Eid is a small village in the South Hebron Hills, located in Area C, which makes it exist under the administrative control of Israel. Because of this, if Palestinian residents want to build structures, they must seek permission from the Israeli authorities. The likelihood of receiving a permit is so […]

From Across the Ditch: Klezmer Rebs speaks out against the Occupation

At a public event to celebrate Hanukkah in Wellington,  NZ,  the Klezmer Reb band spoke out against the occupation.  Dave Moskowitz spoke  directly to the Israeli Ambassador who claimed to have not heard Dave (despite the presence of audio etc).  It’s great to see solidarity across the Tasman.  Dave is well known in the Jewish […]

EVENT- Gaza in context: A Palestinian perspective+ Audio

UPDATE:  This was a very well attended event, and fortunately, there are mp3 audio files.  Abu Sarah was introduced by Jordy Silverstein and the meeting was chaired by Sivan Barak-Baroda of the AJDS Executive. If you want to save the mp3s, use your right hand mouse button. Aziz 1 Aziz 2 [ Abu Sarah views […]

Leunig’s cartoon deserves a more thoughtful Jewish response Congratulations to Harold Zwier for getting national coverage in the Fairfax stable on 30 Nov 2012. Sanity over hysteria. Update: Leunig’s own response on 11 Dec 2012  to the controversy which resulted from his cartoon ON NOVEMBER 21, The Age published a cartoon by Michael Leunig which commented on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The device […]