AJDS Annual Dinner with guest speaker Sarah Joseph– 22nd November

We are pleased to invite you to our Annual Dinner at Manakish, Middle-Eastern restaurant at 480A Glen Huntly Rd, Elsternwick, 7pm on the 22nd of November 2012. The Annual Dinner is a fantastic chance for all members and supporters to catch up and talk about issues relevant to progressive Jews in an informal setting. We’re […]
Hamas Prisoner (AP)

Hamas and human rights violations

People in in AJDS are accused of being a soft touch when it comes to human rights violations by the Palestinian Authority or Hamas. Well, this is not true.   This Human Rights Watch report makes the problems with Hamas crystal clear. “Based on interviews with former detainees, lawyers, human rights groups, and reviews of case […]
Judith Butler

Anti-Defamation Commission attack on Judth Butler –what is the motive?

Can any one explain to me why the Anti Defamation Commission is running material from FrontPage Mag in its self-proclaimed email news bulletins dedicated to combating racism and anti-Semitism.  In this case,  the article is an attack upon the critic Judith Butler (“The BDS Nazis are back in Berlin’) for doing everything short of eating […]

Micha Kurz and Sahar Vardi tour wrap-up and media links

  We’ve had a busy month at the AJDS hosting a very successful national speaking tour of the Israeli activists: Micha Kurz and Sahar Vardi. In case you missed it – Micha Kurz is the co-director of Grassroots Jerusalem and its Merkaz al Kul (Centre for All) enabling urban and human rights activists and organizations in Jerusalem to […]

Why are some Liberals still beating up on AusAid and World Vision? And why is the Jewish News reporting it?

Some Liberals are continuing to repeat accusations from the Israeli organization Shurat Hadin that Ausaid and World Vision has been funding a PLFP affiliated organisation. It appears that Eric Abetz and other Liberals have an agenda in supporting these claims..  The Australian Jewish News report is repeated on the Shurat ha-Din website (funny that it […]

Audio + Text : Andrew Hewett, Oxfam on Asylum Seekers and the Houston Report.

Andrew Hewett, CEO of Oxfam Australia: Asylum Seekers and Refugees.   Australia’s responsibilities and global instability”   Wednesday 5 September2012 Chair, Linda Briskman Andrew Hewett gave an incisive address about the failings of public policy towards asylum seekers in Australia. Attached is the formal text, but the audio in which he added extra and the audience added […]

Breaking the Silence replies to the ECAJ’s fabrications

The ‘official lobby’ in Australia is firing away at articles critical of the behaviour of Israeli soldiers based on the work of Breaking the Silence  in the Fairfax press. Interalia, Danny Lamm, Chair of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry,  said “How sad it is that once-great broadsheets like the Sydney Morning Herald and The […]

An extensive audio interview with Micha Kurz and Sahar Vardi

This is the audio of a  talk given by Micha Kurz of Grassroots Jerusalem and Sahar Vardi who works with the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions at Parliament House Melbourne on 28 August 2012. They have been guests of the AJDS.  It appears that MPs were leaned upon not to meet up with these young […]

Speech by Nick Xenophon, Australian Senate on Israel/Palestine.

This speech shows that Australian politicians are beginning to speak out on Palestinian rights, while at the same time, making it clear that they cannot be considered ‘anti-Israel’ (thus taking care of the Lobby). Xenophon offers his thanks to a delegation drawn from AJDS, Israel (Sahar Vardi and Micha Kurz) and Australian Palestinian Advocacy Network.  […]