AJDS Reading Group and Potluck

What is the AJDS Reading Group and Potluck Dinner? a free group, open to AJDS members and non-members alike. Come along and bring a friend. a friendly space for everyone to share ideas and listen. a great way to enjoy dinner. an opportunity to discuss difficult topics like migrant identity, social (in)justice, creative writing, and global […]

Victoria plans to protect biodiversity

Protecting our environment is crucial. None of our activism or struggle for social justice could take place were it not for the physical environment in which we live and work. The Victorian government has recently issued a plan to protect biodiversity in our State. You can read more about this or make your own submission […]

Jews for Climate Action at the People’s Climate March

Thank you to the dozen who walked under the Jews for Climate Action banners at the People’s Climate March in Melbourne on Friday (25/11/2015). The rally drew an estimated 60,000 people in an unprecedented call to action from the government. AJDS executive member Sivan Barak described it as ‘Gathering the wondering Jews in Melbourne CBD, uniting across […]

AJDS Environment Policy

  Background We are living at a time of unprecedented biophysical crisis. Human civilisation is facing a perfect storm of problems driven by climate change, environmental destruction and pollution, biodiversity loss and resource depletion, all of which are intensifying global socio-economic and regional problems. Two centuries of exploitation of readily accessible energy resources have facilitated […]

We are friends of Friends of the Earth

On April 13, 2015, members of the AJDS sent the following letter to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment.     Dear Secretary, We refer to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment established to inquire into and report on the administration and transparency of the Register of Environmental Organisations […]
BZE guests Ross Garnaut and Tony Windsor survey the solar field of one of Spain's solar thermal power stations from the tower.

Presenting Climate Solutions

Photo of BZE guests Ross Garnaut and Tony Windsor survey the solar field of one of Spain’s solar thermal power stations from the tower. By David Rothfield Until Beyond Zero Emissions’ (BZE’s) first research report in mid-2010, no-one had demonstrated that Australia could be powered reliably by 100% renewable energy with near zero emissions. Not even […]

The JNF-KKL and the Politics of Planting

By Ruth Edmonds In 1948, when hearing of the massacres by Zionist militias in Deir Yassin, the residents of al Walaja, a village located between Bethlehem and Jerusalem, fled their land across the valley to wait out the fighting in caves and small structures. Almost 70 years later and the original site of their village […]

Permaculture – Informed by Ancient Culture

By Brett Nathan Permaculture is a design method focused on agriculturally productive systems. The word ‘permaculture’ is a portmanteau of ‘permanent agriculture’, and was conceived in 1978 by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Tasmania with the publication of Bill’s book Permaculture One. The text was the result of their research into the sustainability of […]

Reflex Paper Threat to Melbourne’s Mountain Ash and a Unique Possum

By Danya Jacobs Victoria’s faunal emblem, the Leadbeater’s possum, was thought to be extinct until the tiny marsupial was rediscovered in 1961 in the giant Mountain Ash forests that encircle Melbourne’s eastern suburbs and blanket the Yarra and Thompson river catchments. These forests, often referred to as the Central Highlands, are also home to the […]