On the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and Marek Edelman

By Arnold Zable On this day, April 19, 1943, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising broke out, ushering in an extraordinary battle for freedom and dignity. We gather tonight, as we always do on this date, to honour those who took part in this, and many other uprisings during this period, and those who escaped to the […]

Extrajudicial killing in Hebron

The recent killing of Abdel-Fattah al-Sharif in Hebron is horrifying. The fact that he was already ‘neutralized’ and was evidently suffering a head wound when an Israeli soldier shot him a second time at virtually point blank, makes this shocking murder an extrajudicial killing. It is yet another cold blooded execution of someone who was […]

From the archives: 1999, The Australian Jewish News and censorship

In April 1999 the Australian Jewish News pressured editor David Bernstein to resign, following remarks about the Balkans and Israel/Palestine, which were considered intolerable by the newspaper and powerful agents in the Jewish community. The AJDS condemned the censorship.  Our official statement read: The Australian Jewish Democratic Society deplores the circumstances that led to the resignation of […]

‘Unpicking Jerusalem: a re-examination of the archives’ by Sary Zananiri

By Keren Tova Rubinstein Sary Zananiri’s mounted and manipulated photographs in Unpicking Jerusalem: a re-examination of the archives reflect Jerusalem’s historical trajectory from 1850-2015 in overt and subtle ways. Though the subject is as infinite as time itself, and though the architectural and human landscape that comprises this place is equally vast and complex, entering […]