Just Voices: issue 15, March 2018: Decolonisation and Indigenous solidarity.


This issue of Just Voices focuses on decolonisation and solidarity with Aboriginal people.  It is hoped to be a resource to challenge our ideas on colonisation, to inspire ways we can be active and effective in the process of decolonisation and to better provide solidarity with Aboriginal people here, and Indigenous people world-wide.  

It is not a new topic, and not the first resource of its kind. It is an attempt to provide critical writing on a range of issues in the contemporary climate as well as resources for further reading and engagement. 
The focus of this zine is on Australia, but some content addresses colonisation of Palestine. 

The views represented in these articles do not necessarily reflect the policies or views of the AJDS. 



Decolonisation and Indigenous solidarity

Issue 15 || 2018

Articles from this issue:

Annual General Meeting, 2018<< >>9 Resources to answer the question: how can I support Indigenous solidarity & allyship?

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