Colleen Hartland and Nina Springle talk to the AJDS at the 2017 Annual General Meeting

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The recent AJDS Annual General Meeting (26/2/17) generously hosted by Sivan Barak was attended by MPs Colleen Hartland and Nina Springle of the Greens, who kindly joined our lunch and told us about their portfolios and experience with Australian Jewish community politics, tackling racism and Islamophobia in our communities, the diversity of opinion within the Greens and the challenges they face moving forward into a very different political reality signaled in part by Donald Trump’s election in the US.

The conversation encouraged us to continue to pursue opportunities for collaboration. To continue the conversation get in touch with:

Nina Springle M.P., Member for South Eastern Metropolitan

03-9584 4013 / /

Read Nina’s inaugural speech, 10/2/15.



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