The AJDS endorses the #letthemstay rallies in Melbourne and continues to object fiercely to the detention of asylum seekers. Thousands have already marched to show support for asylum seekers. You can read more about that here. For more details, visit the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1012303098829129/.        

Israel’s transparency law

In yet another move to undermine democracy in Israel, the Netanyahu-led government has recently passed a transparency law (also called in Hebrew the organisations bill). Initiated by the Justice Minister, Ayeled Shaked, the law is ostensibly aimed at enabling government access to information about all NGOs funding sources and government affiliates. Given the Israeli government’s growing passion for isolating, demonising […]

Invasion/Survival Day

Australia Day is often described in public commentary as being a day to honour and celebrate the unique culture and achievements of the Australian nation. But this day – January 26 – marks the day on which the English arrived on Australian shores, colonising this land. This colonisation – which has involved genocide, dispossession, and […]