No, the Greens did not cave in to extremists

Despite what Christian Kerr wrote on June 5th, the Richard Di Natale’s position on the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state is consistent with that held by the ALP and the Liberal Party, as well as with the range of like-minded political parties in Israel itself. Quite simply, Israel can be recognised as a […]

Statement on Limmud Oz exclusion of Jewish voices and the new Jewish Fringe

The Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) is deeply disappointed at the actions of the 2015 Limmud Oz organising committee in recent efforts to exclude voices from their program. The headline of an article published in the Jewish News on May 11th boldly exclaims: “Limmud-Oz promises ‘something for everyone.’”  They quote one of this year’s volunteer […]

Rohingya Asylum Seekers

The AJDS is outraged at the failure to respond to the Rohingya asylum seekers, and Australia’s dismal track record with asylum seekers, refugees and human rights violations. Why are Australians silent on Rohingya deaths at sea? See here for the Refugee Council of Australia’s report on this issue, 18 May, 2015. Jeff Sparrow writes in Overland […]

Refugee crisis brings back bad memories for Jews

The following, powerful letter was published in The Australian, 19/5/2015. Thank you to the undersigned authors for decrying the abhorrent treatment of refugees, stranded at sea and in dire need of our help.  * * * As Jews, the sight of desperate refugees on a ship, being refused entry to country after country, brings back memories […]

Israeli voices of dissent

7th May 2015   These Israeli activists recently caught the attention of two of our readers. The first appear in the following clip from “The Israel Lobby: Is It Good for the US? Is It Good for Israel?“, held at the National Press Club in Washington last month. Of particular interest were the addresses of Miko Peled and Gideon […]

AJDS Statement of Purposes, 1989

Recently our executive member Danya Jacobs has located the original document outlining the Australian Jewish Democratic Society’s Statement of Purposes, dated August 30, 1989, and signed by Philip Mendes. To a great extent, the wording originally adopted by the AJDS to describe the purpose of the association has withstood the last thirty-four years quite well: […]

Halal certification and Islamophobia

In recent weeks the Australian Jewish Democratic Society has received a few worrying emails. The emails appeal to support a campaign to end Halal certification based on unfounded and incorrect claims that Australians’ tax money goes towards the payment of Halal certification, asserting that “Halal certification is a ‘GST or Jizya’ by stealth.” These petitions […]

We are friends of Friends of the Earth

On April 13, 2015, members of the AJDS sent the following letter to the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment.     Dear Secretary, We refer to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment established to inquire into and report on the administration and transparency of the Register of Environmental Organisations […]

Counter rally against Reclaim Australia

Counter to the Reclaim Australia rally in Mebourne on Saturday 4/4/15, AJDS members demonstrated, along with others that racism, fascism, Islamophobia and neo-Nazism are unacceptable and must be actively opposed. AJDS members continue to stand against marginalisation, persecution and harassment, working towards a just society for all.