Speaking out against bigotry

AJDS member Linda Briskman and her friend Susie Latham, through the newly formed Voices Against Bigotry network (VAB), are raising awareness of the forthcoming launch of an anti-Muslim political party – The Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). With increasing community vitriol against Muslims in Australia, government and media actions are fuelling verbal and physical attacks.  Although […]

On (not) pursuing justice

By Mohamed Tabbaa Originally published June 5 2015, here. Last night I was on a panel discussing racism and activism, organised by the Australian Jewish Democratic Society who were generous enough to host the panel of five. Held at a synagogue with a broad range of speakers, the panel was the first of its kind for me […]

The Racism Panel and how to continue to challenge racism

On 4 June 2015 the AJDS held a panel on racism at Temple Beth Israel.  With increasing expressions of racism in recent years, from the forced closures of Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, continual policing of Australian borders and the violence entangled in the structure of detention centres, the rise of Islamophobia and antisemitism, and the development […]

Criticism of Israel by soldiers is not defamation

By Harold Zwier Originally published in The Australian Jewish News (AJN) (19 June 2015) The Counterpunch articles by Dvir Abramovich (AJN 15/5/2015 & 12/6/2015) about Israeli NGO “Breaking the Silence”, are a quite extraordinary attack on an Israeli soldiers’ organisation, whose support for the Israeli state is really not in question – unless one has a political agenda […]

Anti-Semitic verbal attack of MP

The AJDS condemns all forms of racism. The attack on Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is outright anti-Semitic, it is offensive and has no room in any society. For more on this controversy read this from The Australian.  

How the Victorian justice system fails women

Flat Out Inc., a support and advocacy group based in Flemington, has recently released a statement regarding police approaches to women who have had contact with the criminal justice system in Victoria. “Existing police approaches to family violence are failing criminalised women,” they state, adding that “the overwhelming majority of women who end up in prison in […]