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I asked two of our members to answer 10 questions that were compiled as a way of introducing ourselves to one another. But I was also wondering about the importance of representing different kinds of Jewishness, the evolution of the AJDS, the current political atmosphere in Australia and the continuing restrictions on human mobility here and elsewhere. You too can take part in this impromptu survey by clicking here. Your answers will be anonymous.
 Liz Brumer
Leon Midalia
1. Where do you call home?My home is where my values are being shared and affirmed.Home for me is Melbourne {Toorak} but
2. What are you passionate about?I am passionate about reconciliation and social justice.I have spent about 40 years in Perth . 40 years in Melbourne and sundry in Israel or other.
3. What is your favourite avenue for expression?Exploring common humanity.I like to spend time in U3A, and AJDS Also the Humanists and the Eccentrics. I also have a close friend who lives in Port Philip so I frequently travel there
4. How do you practice progressive values in your everyday life?I practice progressive values in every day life by not allowing conservative belief systems and cultural constructs to dominate my thinking.I like to express my thoughts with all of the above as well as at coffee sessions and dinner with friends.
5. Name someone who has changed the way you think.Gandhi has changed the way I think through his philosophy “change starts with me”.My outlook on life dates back to teenage times and I recall wistfully on my history teacher Mr Staples who impressed on me the need to think for myself. Also I felt very close to my brother, Max who was a Rationalist.
6. Describe something you do that you consider Jewish.I take non Jews for a synagogue experience.Well I love to make Gefilte fish so I guess that makes me a "Bauch Yid".
7. Have you or your close family ever experienced restrictions on your freedom of movement?My parents were victims of the holocaust. As a result, they encouraged me to ignore my Jewish heritage, but at the same time, they emphasised how I should embrace Judaism. For example, they wanted me to marry a Jewish man. This dilemma has created an enormous internal conflict throughout my life.No.
8. What is your relationship with Israel?Israel to me is like a family, I love it but I don’t accept her bad behaviour.I guess you would say it is a very complex, mixed relationship.I spent nearly 2 years on a Kibbutz and my family go way back to the Biluim and the NILI. My parents were born and raised in Zichron Yaacov and Castina.
9. Are you politically active outside the AJDS?Yes, I do attend protests and I am involved in indigenous reconciliation activities and strongly oppose any abuse of human rights.See no.3 above.
10. Are there ways in which you would like to contribute more, or wish to be more engaged with other members?I would love to assist in practical ways and engage in the planning of events when required as part of my desire to support the mission of this organization. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to share myself with AJDS and look forward to our future engagement.Both socially and at stimulating functions. Preferably in day time as I dont like driving at night. [The issue most dear to me is] is a just peace between Israel and Palestine.
The edelweiss, a symbol of my mother's world before she left Vienna.
The edelweiss, a symbol of my mother's world before she left Vienna.

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