Media Release: Melbourne Moishe House excludes community voices

The Melbourne Moishe House has been accused of silencing community voices and setting exclusive and conservative limits on the boundaries of acceptable Jewishness. ‘Moishe House’ is an international organisation which sets up sharehouses for young Jews. Housemates have their rent subsidised and host weekly religious, cultural, social and political events aimed at Jews in their […]

AJDS Oral History Project: Interview with Robin Rothfield, 01/05/2014

AJDS community organizer, Max Kaiser, has interviewed one of our key members, Robin Rothfield, about his time in the AJDS. Robin’s perspective, as that of the oldest member of the executive, is precious. You can listen to the interview here. This recording will form part of the AJDS Oral History Project, a record of personal stories of political involvement […]

Wither Palestine (1947) and Israel Reborn (1948) by Evelyn Rothfield

As part of the AJDS Oral History Project some amazing resources have been uncovered. We bring to you two pamphlets written by Evelyn Rothfield with the formation of the Jewish State (click on the title to open the document):  Whither Palestine (1947) and via the State Library of Victoria’s digital collection, Israel Reborn (1948). You can read more […]

 A Jewish Left perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict (with a personal note on the Australian Jewish Left and the Jewish Community’s tendency to intolerance)

by Robin and David Rothfield  (An address delivered 22 May, 2013, to the B’nai B’rith Yitzhak Rabin group) Thank you , and I wish also to thank Irene, my machataynista, for initiating this invitation, because it gives me the opportunity to document a number of concerns I have with the attitude of many in the […]

The furphies behind Pyne’s class war

by Dr. David Zyngier The recommendations of the recent Commission of Audit in relation to education fly in the face of and totally reject the most extensive and significant review of school funding for 40 years – the Gonski Review and the Gonski-lite Better Schools Plan. It has accepted fully and blindly the unwarranted and […]