What about the real sins?

[ME News Service Comments: Anyone following the Israeli media would find that besides being concerned with coalition making, one of the biggest story concerns Navy Chief Major General Eli Marom’s visit to a strip club. The prediction is that he will lose his job because he lied about it. What I have been waiting is for someone to point our the obvious: In Israel’s current warped value system soldiers get punished far more severely for stealing from Palestinians (without authorisation) than for murdering them without authorisation. Now an equivalent of an admiral is to “get the flick” for lying while those who told the lies about Gaza will get awards and rewards. Thank heavens for B. Michael. (For some reason Michael’s Yediot Acharonot ‘s articles only appear in the English Ynetnews but not on the Hebrew Ynet – both websites are associated with the paper.) Sol Salbe.] Focus on Navy commander caught at strip club diverts attention away from IDF’s real sins B. Michael Published: 03.06.09, 16:51 / Israel Opinion Great joy is sweeping through the shtetl. Mr Navy Commander has been caught looking at boobs. What moral disgrace and educational shame. Our moral army had been tainted with a black stain on its white uniforms. Sixty years of purity of arms and moral supremacy have come to an end via a lap dance performed for an officer seeking to relieve some tensions. How terrible. Oh, how wonderful it is to have Puritanism in the world. How useful it is in order to clear away one’s conscience. How wonderful it is to hide the pile of injustices and crimes behind Puritanism’s sweet sins and shocked expressions. Indeed, how nice it is to search for the army’s sins at strip clubs, rather than at the killing fields. If only we could dispatch this admiral to the International Court of Justice at The Hague as well, thereby proving to the entire world how moral we are; how law-abiding we are and how willing we are to face justice and stand trial before the nations of the world. We killed thousands, made hundreds of thousands miserable, wiped out whole streets and villages, but there was nothing wrong with that. Our camp has remained pure. But now we have a serving officer staring at boobs? Indeed, the occupation corrupts. And those who are overly excited by the alleged lie uttered by the Navy commander (in respect to the frequency of his visits to this dance joint,) I recommend that they take a look at the IDF Spokesperson Office’s statements in recent decades, compare them to the facts, an then decide which of the two is more concerning with regards to his attitude to the truth – the official spokesperson or the horny admiral.
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