The AJDS was formed in 1984 to promote free discussion on Jewish and general social and political issues. Specifically, it grew out of a profound concern at the continuing Israeli-Arab conflict. History of AJDS (Summary) The conflict had taken its toll in the Australian Jewish community, where people with views some what different from the “official leadership” were not being heard. In addition to expressing views on the Israeli-Palestinian confilict, the AJDS also promotes cooperation with broader social groups on a range of issues. We in AJDS believe that in a genuinely multicultural society like Australia, Jews should be concerned with Indigenous rights and the rights of other minorities. We have all complained at some time about the indifference of the world to the plight of the Jewish people at their most horrific period in human history. Neither can we then ignore the plight of other minorities. The Australian Jewish Democratic Society aims to provide an open forum for discussion and debate, via the World Wide Web, on issues affecting contemporary Jewish life. These pages are an extension of the magazine of the Australian Jewish Democratic Society. We hope to reflect: * A pluralistic Jewish community, by encouraging contributions from a wide range of viewpoints and perspectives * A Judaism that grants equality of expression and participation to all streams of Jewish thought. * The traditional Jewish concept of Tikkun Olam: "Heal, repair, and transform the world" * A specificially Jewish approach to the issues of Peace and Social Justice. * Recognition of the rights of Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace in their own lands * Jewish concerns with the continuing struggle against all expressions of racism * The interrelationship of our Jewish community with the rest of Australian society * We will also feature commentary on current issues of concern, and links to other material from organisations in Australia and elsewhere.