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    The AJDS website is currently being updated. We are really excited to be trying some new things and getting a new look. Our blog and our beloved newsletter Just Voices are currently experiencing some difficulties. Likewise other parts of our site are in the process of being updated. Please stay tuned! We'll be back online and in full swing shortly!

We are building a vibrant Jewish community, an active progressive movement, and a capacity to speak out with courage, strength and resilience.

We have been contributing to the struggle for a just world for over thirty years. We are dynamic and always evolving. It is only together that we can bring about change and we hope that you will join us.
  • Show support for the YES campaign!

    The vote for marriage equality will be won or lost not on moral support alone, but on how many survey are returned. Now is a great time for a very Jewy response. Use this AJDS profile picture frame to show your support and to ensure our community gets out and posts the surveys back. Follow the link and click 'try it' (you might need to close the first popup window!)
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